The team at Intelligents are real people, who have showed real concern to help make our website really work. By placing our website dreams into the hands of Intelligents, we are able to focus on our actual work... and they focus on helping those who visit our site to really understand our service and to easily interact with us. We're glad we chose Intelligents.

The People At, Owners
Learn His Ways

Incredible customer service and a sharp and professional looking website. They answer my questions, fix my problems, and have made me a great site to help set myself apart.

Joshua McCracken, Realtor
Greenridge Realty

IntelliGents helped me with a free-lance project I was working on. I was relatively new to web development at the time and they were very patient with me and also very accommodating to my ad-hoc development requests. I thought the cost was more than fair and they were able to deliver the end product in a reasonable amount of time. I would use IntelliGents again in the future.

Sean Fairchilds, Business Analyst and Small Business Owner
Reference Broker, Inc.

We were very satisfied with the web design services provided by the staff of IntelliGents Designs. They were very professional, prompt, and upfront regarding their service fees. They were a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with the results of their work. I recommend them highly.

Mark A. Payne, Business Manager
Stand Alone Story, LLC

Jacob and the team at IntelliGents Designs did a great job working with me on setting up my website for my business. The team at IntelliGents worked very hard at providing me with a product that was better then I anticipated. I also use them for my site maintenance, which they work very quickly to answer and solve any questions I may have. Thanks for all your help!

Jim Kugler, GM/Owner
Dream Cars of the Carolinas

We are excited about the functionality of our website. The maintenance is quick and easy. I believe those who visit our site find it user friendly and a versatile tool on the internet. The layout of our web pages help connect with searchers and give them a good experience. I highly recommend IntelliGents Designs for your website needs.

Randy Clay, Senior Pastor
Easley First Wesleyan Church

Web designers are a dime a dozen. Programmers who can produce phone apps are the total opposite. I know because I have been through enough of them in the past four years. If you're reading this message, you have found the right team to get your web, app and media marketing work done by pros who will do what you want done with all the considerations you'd hope for, as if you were doing it yourself. I was referred to Jacob and I'm glad I was. Call me for a verbal reference if you like, but I'm going to tell you the same thing. Don't waste any more time looking. You found the right ones.

Dominic Esposito, Owner/CEO
The Drill Instructor and ROCK SOLID Companies, Inc.

Jacob and the fellows at IntelliGents did a truly outstanding job. They went the extra mile in setting up my website. I found them to be highly qualified for the task and very responsive to my questions and concerns. I would certainly employ IntelliGents Designs again.

Frank Bridwell, Owner
Woody Hand Made Knives

It is with pleasure and confidence that I HIGHLY recommend IntelliGents Designs. I was put in touch with them in the fall of 2011 to discuss the possibility of designing a very unique website for my company....Buildanax Custom Guitars. With most businesses, you can go online, purchase a domain name, download a template, plug in your information and you're on your way. Because of the specialized nature of our business, building our own website using an online service was not even in the realm of consideration. These guys have helped us to build one of the most unique websites in the guitar business. There a lots of custom guitar companies that let you view their different components, color choices, hardware and other options, but virtually no company let's you see what the different components and colors will look like when the guitar is actually assembled. We needed a website that would let potential customers see and select every component that we offer, and then combine those components into a viewable finished guitar. This was particularly challenging because we offer over 20 different colored guitar bodies, 20 different neck options, 20 different pick guards, several different pick-up options, plus, every piece of hardware is available in chrome, gold or black. When you start doing the math on the possible combinations that can be created, it gets into the tens of thousands. Within minutes of first meeting Jacob and explaining to him what we needed, I knew that we were going to be in good hands. The IntelliGents team quickly came up with a way to make our website dream become a reality. They were able to write a special program that enabled us to have the "online guitar builder" that we had dreamed of. From the very first meeting, these guys did exactly what they said they would do. They presented me a proposal (on time) that stated when each phase would be completed, what I should expect of them, and what they would expect from me. They delivered everything (and more) within the stated time frames and it was all done in an extremely professional manner for an EXTREMELY reasonable price. They were very accommodating and open to ideas that I had as well. Every time I would throw a new challenge at them, they would come up with a way to make it happen. I can honestly say that I have no regrets whatsoever in using IntelliGents Designs. I am so pleased with how professional our site looks and how easy it is for people to use. We have received many positive comments about our site (especially the online "guitar builder") from some very high profile names in the music industry. IntelliGents Designs is the type of business that you can trust with every aspect of your project.

Danny Crawford, Owner

Jacob and the other team members worked closely with our company. They went out of their way to monitor our website launch and help it go smoothly.

Seth Greenstein, Co-founder
DBS Games, LLC

I really took my time trying to find the right web designer. I talked to at least 20 different companies but when I met Jacob, with IntelliGents Designs, I just knew that this was the right company for my project. The communication was excellent throughout the process and now I have a fabulous website! My intuition was right this time! These guys deliver on their promises!

Matthew Stokes, Owner and Operator
Matt's Guitar Method

IntelliGents Designs has been a blessing to our car club. IntelliGents Designs came to our meetings and we discussed them setting up a web-site for our club. They were very professional, their computer knowledge and skills are amazing. They provided us with everything we needed for our web-site including a training session. IntelliGents Designs is the best.

Judy Taylor, Secretary/Newsletter Editor
VCCA Upstate Region # 9 Car Club